Our prices and service packages

Entry package: Strategy & Content Marketing
EUR 2.000
You have a good website? Perfect! Then let's start with the content now!
6 weeks coaching
Content marketing plan for your law firm
1:1 training for planning and writing blog posts
Communicating best practices for the right tools under the hood of your website
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Growth Package: Strategy & Scalable Firm
EUR 25.000
Everything needed to scale up your law firm from the start.
Content marketing package (as on the left)
Homepage package (like left)
Development positioning
Campaign setup Facebook & GoogleAds
Setup automated lead processing via CRM
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Our mission is to take small and mid-sized law firms to the next level and enable true scale. We know you've already paid a lot of dues and tried all kinds of marketing ideas. 

Your nephew's friend has already screwed with the website and the advertising agency had no idea about how to present legal issues? None of the parties involved knew anything about the required technologies?

Now we're doing it right: no more experiments, but a setup developed for your law firm. 

All prices plus VAT and costs of required third-party systems and services such as photos, which we will coordinate with you.