Law firm marketing directory 2022 published

We are delighted that the new law firm marketing directory for 2022 and 2023 has been published today by the esteemed ffi-Verlag. And we are at least as pleased to have been mentioned there as one of the providers for law firm marketing and strategy. Special thanks go to Pia Löffler for her meticulous research of interesting service providers, and [...]

Your company logo - aspects of design and the effect on your customers

A logo represents your law firm to the outside world. It will appear on your business documents, such as business cards, letterhead or advertising brochures, and will also be used on your website. It is intended for long-term use, so it should have a high recognition value and be usable in color as well as in black and white without loss. In addition, a logo must [...]

Finding the right agency as a lawyer - what to look out for?

Who is actually doing the marketing now? Who should now take care of the marketing of the law firm? In the context of a representative study that we conducted in 2019 within the German legal profession, a sad picture emerges. The result beforehand: no matter who looks after law firm marketing - it is not satisfactory. Most law firm owners take care of the marketing [...]

Lawyer marketing: In 10 steps from a field, forest and meadow law firm to a client machine

Do you feel the same as many lawyers? You are in the office 12 hours a day, working on a large number of cases from a wide variety of legal fields, small and large amounts in dispute mixed together - but somehow you can't find the common thread? What does the firm stand for, which cases are the ones you want more of? And [...]

Porter's 5 Forces - Competitive Analysis for Lawyers

Porter's 5 Forces model is one of the most important tools for assessing the position of a company in a given market. Porter starts from five forces that influence one's own company. This model was first described in 2008 by Michael E. Porter in an essay. It is described in the [...]

PEST(EL) analysis

PEST(EL) analysis, also known as STEP analysis, is a frequently applied strategy tool used to analyze external environmental factors. The purpose of the analysis is to keep a constant eye on the general conditions influencing the market in order to be able to make well-founded strategic decisions at any time. "PESTEL" is the abbreviation for the relevant and observable market factors in the English language: [...]

SWOT analysis: also for the legal profession

The SWOT analysis extracts from the information identified in the strategic audit, the critical strengths and weaknesses of the company, but also the opportunities and threats that limit the company's activity (Cambridge, 2019). Benjamin Künzli defines the tool as follows: "denotes a tool with which strengths and weaknesses of an organizational unit are analyzed and assessed in the context of its environment [...].